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Divi from Elegant Themes

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Operations & Maintenance

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Landing Pages and Simple Sites


Driven by automation, you save costs on infrastructure and use valuable resources where they are needed; design, SEO, and media for your marketing projects. Most suitable for content marketing.

We use in-house Python Fabric scripts to automate AWS, WP-CLI, WordPress & Divi to build a one-off landing page or a simple site.


WordPress Rapid Application Development


An offering of post types, customs fields, and Divi to provide quick, cost effective, powerful website applications suitable for your next MVP.

Most suitable for proof-of-concept web applications.

David Murray

David J Murray has been in the computer industry for over 35 years. During this lifetime of experiences, David has mostly worked with the small and medium sized businesses (SME).

David has been working with WordPress for numerous years. Along with a varied career in IT covering computer systems, software development, and operations and support, David has seen it all.

Constant Cheng

Dr. Cheng has extensive knowledge and successful experience in helping international businesses and governments to create sustainable competitive advantage for growth and business transformation.

He has also worked with a number of exciting start-ups and small businesses, developing their marketing strategies, and building marketing programs that create brand awareness, and differentiation.

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